Content Writing is basically a form of online writing (Context created with or to be viewed on a digital device) that has a closed coherence with web marketing campaigns. With the increased trend of online marketing, websites with the aim to sell and promote the products are executing their business with full potential. The content is always written as per specific set of instructions brief to the writers. Instructions provided holds all the details of information that is to be provided to the website viewers and attracts them as per their interest. Writing content for a website is similar to providing a speech to your website that is easily understood by your valuable customer and makes it google loving via smart use of Search Engine Optimization techniques.

Writing content for a website is way different from writing a journal or conventional copywriting. A website content should have a prominence of purpose and it should clearly convey the right message to the customers. Well, actually it pays to play by the rules provided to the writer.

Everything a writer writes for a website should be clear, unique, has relevance and should be exciting for the readers. Understanding the points of interest for your readers in your complete web page and conveying them in a manner that excites them is the key rule of thumb. A writer should always make sure that the information he/she is producing is plagiarism free, not very verbose, error free and has a quality to render the purpose. An expert content writer should have a sound knowledge and practice of governed rules.

The website host companies have two options: Either to train and manage a self-owned team for writing valuable content or hire a secondary source for getting their instructions brief written as per standard web writing practices.

Web writing could be of many forms such as: Blog writing, Article Writing, Press Release, Product Description, Product Reviews, Business Website Content, Social Media etc.

Blog Writing:
A blog is actually a discussion or informational website by people to people published on World Wide Web. It is similar to having an informal diary everyone could facilitate from.

Article Writing:
An article is basically a piece of writing that is mainly intended to be published in newspaper, journal or informational website. It addresses a wide set of audience, everyone could facilitate from.

Press Release:
The press release is actually an officially released statement or information that is issued in a newspaper giving information on a particular matter.

Product Description:
The Product description is a structured information about the product written as per following of specific rules.

Product Reviews:
Product reviews are actually the feedbacks of customers published on the very page that promotes and sells a product. It helps other customers to rate the product and get to know the opinion of people who have already bought a particular product.

Business Website Content:
A content that relates to all information associated with selling and promotion of product or services in a particular business is called business website content.

Social Media Content:
Social media content is actually published on social media. It’s non-formal mostly and is intended for a wide audience with a specific business or informational purpose.